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Why Immigrate to Canada

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why live in Canada

When people consider giving up a job they often consider foreign destinations. Rarely does the niche of immigrating to Canada come up. When people consider Canada they often see pictures of ice and snow. Though, unlike its sunnier neighbors, there’re hundreds of excellent reasons to consider immigrates to Canada.

Over the past decade, while a nasty recession has hit the west world precipitated by some banking collapse, the economy of Canada has remained relatively strong. The Canadian GOVT didn’t engage in any sort of bank bailouts that transpired in the US.

In fact, when the baking collapse started in 2008 in the US the Canadian banks actually remained profitable and stable. Canada is a diverse and rich country that’s known for its plentiful resources, diverse cultures as well as access to social and health services.

One fact which several people are unaware of it’s that the UN Human Development Index has ranked Canada as the finest state in the world to live more than 6 times. No other state can match this wonderful statistic.

There’re several reasons why immigrate to Canada continues to grow years over year.

Great standards of living 

If you’re a person who’s interested in experiencing greater standards of living, you’re encouraged to think about traveling to Canada. According to the UN quality of life ranking, Canada is there in the ninth spot. More than two hundred states have been analyzed for this. These statistics clearly guarantee how remarkable it’d be for you to live and settle down in this country. It’ll provide you with a great opportunity to enjoy your life like never before.

Nature Beauty

Canada provides limitless elegant natural landscapes, including the wonderful Rock Mountains, endless uncountable lakes, the Appalachian Mountains, untouched and expensive forests. Banff National Park, Niagara Falls, 3 oceans fronts, the Northern Lights…. and the list goes on. The country has incredible pristine and limitless nature to enjoy.

Education System

Poor or rich, Canadian kids have access to free top quality education at public insinuations. Postgraduate education is also among the affordable in the world and ranked among the worlds highest. Students have proper access to student loans or tuition elimination programs, and a list of scholarship opportunities, even for new ones. The education system is also a major pathway to immigration that can be accessed by several.

Variety of medical benefits 

Canada offers wonderful medical services to the people as well. If you’re interested in experiencing that, you’re encouraged to considering immigrating to Canada. In other words, you’ll be capable to discover state-funded health facilities. Therefore, you’re guaranteed not to end up paying huge fees on health facilities that you get. If you become a citizen or a permanent resident of the country, you’ll be able to receive healthcare facilities free of charge. Therefore, you do not need to worry about illness at all.

Stable economy

Canada has a top-class reliable banking system and extremely stable currency. Canada provides simple access to banking loans, and GOVT assistance for companies, simplicity in finances including transferring global money, establishing new ventures, attracting investment capital, and purchasing land or property. Canada’s banking sector is often ranked as the world’s most stable system.

Job Market in Canada is always Expanding

The country has an employment rate lower than ten percent and there’re reportedly 59k jobs created every month. With several immigration streams especially dedicated to permitting immigrants to move for work purposes, there’s ample option to gain employment and learn new handy skills in Canada.

Safest Countries in the world

The crime rate in Canada is among the lowest in the world, which is also a big contributor to the population’s top quality of life. Canadians are very conscious of crime and have a 0 tolerance policy to several social problems such as domestic violence or abuse. In addition, the country has had no weapons of mass destruction since 84 and has signed treaties repudiating its tenure.

Immigrant-friendly country 

Canada’s procedure to attain permanent citizenship and residence is relatively straightforward and short. A permanent resident in the county can qualify for citizenship with only three years (among the world’s smallest pathways). There’re also over eighty pathways to the country via investment, family, study, and work.

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