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Resumption of biometrics collection for temporary residence

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Resumption of biometrics collection for temporary residence applicants in Canada

Starting February 23, 2023, individuals who apply for temporary residence in Canada will be required to provide their biometric information, which includes fingerprints and a photo. This new requirement applies to most temporary resident applicants, including visitors, students, and workers.

Biometric information must be provided in person at a designated biometric collection service point, which is typically a Visa Application Center (VAC). Applicants will need to make an appointment at the VAC closest to them and pay a fee for the biometric collection service.

When an applicant receives their instruction letter from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), it will indicate whether they need to provide biometrics and where they can do so. It is important for applicants to follow the instructions provided by IRCC and to provide their biometric information within the specified timeframe. Failure to do so may result in the application being delayed or refused.

IRCC is committed to ensuring that the collection of biometric information is done in a safe and secure manner, and that applicants’ privacy is protected. Biometric information is stored in a secure database, and access to this information is strictly controlled.

The new biometric requirement is part of IRCC’s efforts to strengthen Canada’s immigration system and to enhance border security. By collecting biometric information, IRCC is better able to confirm the identity of applicants and to conduct background checks, which helps to protect the safety and security of all Canadians.

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