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Quebec Immigration: How to Immigrate to Quebec as a Skilled Worker

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Quebec Immigration

The immigration to Quebec as a skilled worker program have no list of appropriate occupations. If the situations embarked by Quebec immigration is met, individuals will qualify for the Quebec immigration program regardless of their field experience or occupation.

The Quebec immigration program is different from other immigrations programs in Canada in that it involves 2 steps.

First, the candidates have to apply to Quebec immigration to obtain their Immigration CSQ (Quebec Selection Certificate). After the Quebec Selection Certificate is obtained, candidates then apply to the Federal GOVT to get the permanent resident visa.

Quebec as a skilled worker is a program that doesn’t need a valid job offer from a Quebec or Canadian company. This program selects applicants for permanent residence who’re likely to become economically founded and who’ve an interest in residing in Quebec.

 Quebec as a skilled worker has specific criteria based on Quebec’s cultural uniqueness. A candidate can include their partner, common-law partner, and any dependent kids on their application form as well. In fact, under the Quebec as a skilled worker program, more points are awarded to the candidate with families, particularly those with young kids.

Eligibility for Quebec as a skilled work

The Selection factors for Quebec immigration are:

  • You must have a bachelor’s degree
  • Age should be below forty
  • You need to score at least fifty points
  • You must have work experience of at least two years
  • You’d have proficient skills in French and English
  • Your criminal record should be neat and clean
  • Education in Quebec, like a Quebec degree or diploma is forever beneficial. This is not obligatory.
  • You’d be in fine health

What is the processing fee for the Quebec immigration skilled worker program?

The fee for application processing is updated in Jan for each year. Here’re the updated fees for a Quebec skilled worker in 2021:

Principle candidate – 822 USD

Every accompanying family person of the principal candidate (partner, kid, dependent, etc): 174 USD

In most cases, your processing feel for Quebec immigration will include:

  • Processing fee for you or anyone you include in your application
  • Biometric
  • 3rd party fees
  • Right of Permanent Residence fee

 Points are required for Quebec skilled worker program

You have to score at least fifty points to be eligible for the Quebec immigration program. If you’re planning to migrate with your family and kids, the principal candidate needs to score at least fifty-nine points.

Quebec Immigration processing time

What’s the processing time for Quebec Experience Program (PEQ)?

The PEQ has had a processing standard of twenty days, though; the province is now committing the processing applications with a max of six months. The reason for this Quebec immigration wants to make sure it’s treating Quebec and PEQ programs for skilled worker applicants equally.

The shift to Quebec is a 2 stage procedure.

The primary stage can be divided into three parts:

  • Preliminary review
  • Selection review 
  • Verification of documents

The 2nd stage is the federal application procedure. It involves medicals, visa stamping as well as police clearing. The procedure might take up to one year once the papers are verified.

Advantages of Quebec immigration program

There’re a bunch of advantages that you and your family can get, a few of the most vital advantages are:

  • Simple Immigration – Quebec immigration program is one of the easiest and quickest immigration pathways.
  • Healthcare – You get full access to similar health care facilities as other people with permanent resident status.
  • Education – Quebec has a wonderful education system. The education system comes with a huge range of courses available to anyone. Therefore, it is best for worldwide students. People graduating from Quebec can work here, as they now belong to the Quebec experience class.
  • Diverse Population –cultural diversity provides an extremely healthy environment. Quebec values are perfect for raising a family.
  • Quick Passage – Quebec immigration program is the most convenient way of immigrating to Canada.
  • Work opportunities – There’re ample work opportunities available for foreigners. You get full access to the labor market. International students can also look for job opportunities here.
  • Eco-friendly – Quebec immigration is one of the pollution-free regains on the planet.

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