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All about parents sponsorship Canada 2021

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Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) 2021

Update: Invitations are being sent to applicants who tried the previous year but were unsuccessful in their bid to sponsor their parents/Grandparents. Applicants who applied in 2020 should have received a confirmation number. The invitations are sent via email so you need to check the same email account you used on your 2020 interest to sponsor form.

Canada has announced it will get 30,000 new applicants in 2021 for the Parents sponsorship program.

This will bring to 40,000 applications number received current year, after the 10,000 delayed from 2020 Due to COVID-19.

A fresh round of invitations to apply will be sent out over 2 weeks from 20, September, 2021 with immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) picking from those who submitted interest to sponsor to fall 2020.

Candidates who get ITAs have sixty days to give in a complete application. The deadline will be marked undoubtedly on the ITA. ITAs will be deliver using email added on the interest to sponsor form.

The application process for the parents and grandparents program

Upon receiving the ITA – the application needs to done two applications that contain:

  • Application for request of sponsorship
  • Parents and grandparents application for real residency

These two requests can be submitted simultaneously through internet. The applicant needs to pay a biometric fee, application fee, and other fees. The application fees can be paid through internet that contain the following payments such as –

  • Entitlement to permanent residence fee
  • Sponsor processing fees, which means fees for the sponsored people and their workers

The applicant shall also pay the biometric fee on filling the application. Anyway, after the application is filed, biometrics is collected. The applicant may also need to pay fees to 3rd parties for carrying out Medical check and issuing of Police Certificate.

The family members may be asked to give their biometrics via a letter after paying the biometric fees. The family members are given thirty days to provide biometrics at the closet point. Further, pursuant to COVID-19, IRCC has put in place particular measures or arrangements for biometrics collecting.

IRCC gives a period of sixty days to get completed sponsorship applications from invited sponsors. Sponsored grandparents and parents will become permanent residents of Canada and as such would be eligible for all advantages, including free health care.

Who can sponsor?

A sponsor must be an adult permanent citizen of Canada or resident over the age of eighteen. A sponsor must live in Canada, if not they are a citizen presently living abroad and planning to live in Canada once the sponsored person arrives.

An individual may not sponsor if they:

  • Are in prison
  • Get social assistance from the government
  • Are in the process of bankruptcy
  • Have failed to pay child support payments
  • Are subject to a removal order
  • Have sponsored a family member in the past and unsuccessful to meet the terms
  • Have failed to pay child support payments
  • Have sponsored a previous partner or spouse who has not been a permanent resident for more than three years
  • Were themselves sponsored and become a permanent resident less than five years ago.

Super Visa                      

Potential sponsors may be unwilling or unable to submit an application under the Parent and Grandparent program. This may be because they were not invited to apply, or want to bring their grandparent or parent to Canada sooner.

Luckily, there is another way. IRCC permits parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to enjoy complete visits to Canada under the Super Visa program. With a Super Visa, a person may be verified to remain in Canada for up to 2 years upon primary entry to Canada. The visa itself is valid for up to ten years, so holders may return to Canada for as long as the visa remains legitimate.

The Super Visa is not a permanent residence program. Applicants need to get private medical insurance and may not work in Canada unless otherwise authorized to do so. Anyway, the relatively fast processing times mean that families may be reunited in Canada sooner than within the Parent and Grandparent program. Additionally, applicants do not have to be invited to apply, if eligible, they may submit an application at any time and be verified to become to Canada.

After you apply            

You will get a verification code and if you are selected, you will get an email from IRCC. You will then need to submit the PR application for grandparents/parents and pay the applicable fees. Present processing times for these applications are 20-24 months.

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