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Canadian Work Permit Types

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Do you want a work permit for Canada? Do you feel like discovering many other better opportunities in faraway Canada?

Well, it’s vital to note that a work permit is essential for any foreign nationals and expert workers that want to work and contribute to the economy.

In some situations, you mightn’t need a work permit to work in a country like Canada.

There’re many different types of work permit based on your profession and your reason for entering Canada, for example, if you’re coming to the country as an IT expert for a specific time with a job that’s well paid as well as unionized, then you’d likely apply for a worker specific work permit.

In the post, we’ll explain the main types of Canadian work permits types, who are eligible for a Canadian work permit, and other vital relevant info that you’ll need to know about work permits.

Canadian Work Permit Types

There’re basically 2 types of Canadian work permits, it is depending on your occupation and qualification your job might fail under any of these 2 different categories of your Canadian work permits.

There’re 2 main work permit types, the Open work permit, and the Employer Specific work permit.

An employer work permit is for those foreign nationals or expert workers that are working for a specific Canadian job and have been approved by the LMIA.

If let’s say you’re hired on a film or TV production, as an industry working in a religious organization or company, or for somebody doing charitable work, you might likely be eligible for a company-specific work permit.

Open work permit

An open work permit is issued by the Canadian immigration office to immigrants who need to work for any Canadian company for a certain amount of time.

There’re 2 subcategories for OWP (Open work permits) Restricted/Unrestricted permits. The main differences between the 2 are that unrestricted work permits let you work for a company in any location and occupation, while the restricted permit doesn’t.

The restricted work permit lets you work in a specific job and also provides you as much freedom of movement to work in various areas of Canada.

Visa programs utilize open work permits

Here’re the Canadian work permits types considers to be open work permits:

  • Post-graduation work permit
  • Work Youth program permit
  • Temporary Resident permit
  • Birding OWP
  • Temporary work permit for common-law partners
  • Atlantic immigration pilot program for Spousal work Permit;

Eligibility for Canadian Work Permit

The eligibility for Canadian work permit types varies depending on the area from where the applications are made. Though, irrespective of the sort of work permit in Canada, all applications are needed to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Having proof of minimum needed funds
  • Having proof of leaving the country after the expiration of the visa work
  • Have medical exams can be a great health condition
  • There’d be no data for a criminal record. The applicant might be asked to submit a police clearance document.
  • Not a danger for a Canadian security
  • Must not be working with an ineligible company
  • Provide further legal papers, if asked by the officer
  • Must not work in companies offering erotic dances, striptease, escort services, and erotic massages.

How to get a Canadian work permit?

Candidates for Canadian work permits can apply internet for the same. The complete details of the application procedure are detailed below:

Gather the required papers – The candidate must make sure that all the papers needed are gathered before submitting the filling the applications. This’ll make sure that the document copies or details are provided carefully with the application form.

Fill the application document and answer every question – the application form has many questions addressing the following details of the Candidates:

  • Education information
  • Personal details
  • Passport details
  • Language proficiency
  • Details of work/job in Canada
  • Previous working experience details, if you have any sort of experience in the past

Pay the application as well as related all fee – the candidate for a Canadian work permit are needed to pay 3 separate fees.

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