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International Graduates in Demand under the Nova Scotia Immigration Program (NSIP)

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International Graduates in Demand stream

The International Graduates in Demand stream under the Nova Scotia Immigration Program (NSIP) is specifically designed for recent international graduates whose skills and education align with specific National Occupational Classification (NOC) job categories. This program seeks to retain talented and qualified individuals who have already proven their dedication and adaptability through the completion of their studies in Nova Scotia.

As of now, the stream is open for two distinct NOC job categories:

  1. NOC 33102 – which includes nurse aides, orderlies, and patient service associates
  2. NOC 42202 – which pertains to early childhood educators and assistants

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the International Graduates in Demand stream, applicants must:

  1. Have received a full-time permanent job offer from a Nova Scotia employer, which corresponds to their recent field of study and falls within one of the job categories listed above.
  2. Be between 21 and 55 years old.
  3. Hold at least a high school diploma.
  4. Have completed a course of study within the last three years. This program must have been at least 30 weeks in length, and at least 50% of the program must have been completed in Nova Scotia. Depending on the NOC category, the program should grant a certificate, diploma, or degree.
  5. Have any certifications issued by NS regulatory bodies required for the job.
  6. Demonstrate a language ability equal to Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) Level 5, regardless of whether English or French is their first language.
  7. Possess sufficient financial resources to successfully settle in Nova Scotia.

Application Process

Applicants interested in the International Graduates in Demand stream should complete the online application form, making sure to include all required information and attachments.

Supporting Documents and Forms

Various guides, forms, and policies are available to assist you throughout the application process, such as:

  • Application Guide: Offers step-by-step instructions to complete your application.
  • Changes – Application Guide: Lists updates and changes made to the application guide.
  • Common NSIP Policies: Detailed explanation of policies related to the Nova Scotia Immigration Program.
  • Employer Information Form (NSNP 200): To be filled out by the Nova Scotia employer offering you a job.
  • Use of a Representative (NSNP 50): Use this form if you want to designate a representative, like an immigration consultant or lawyer, to conduct business on your behalf.
  • Authority to Release Personal Information (NSNP 60): This document gives consent to the release of your personal information to specified individuals.

The International Graduates in Demand stream is a unique and valuable pathway for international students who have graduated from Nova Scotian institutions, helping them transition from students to permanent residents and fully contributing members of the Nova Scotia community. It enables Nova Scotia to retain international talent and fosters a diverse and vibrant community.

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