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Revamped Rules for Home Child Care and Home Support Worker Pilots:

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July 18, 2023 – In a move set to impact thousands of workers and families across Canada, the Ministry has rolled out a series of key amendments to the Home Child Care and Home Support Worker pilots. This is a comprehensive look into the changes and what they could mean for you.

Key Updates to Understand:

  1. Experience Requirements Cut in Half:
    • Previously, workers needed 24 months of experience to be eligible. Now, they need just 12 months.
  2. Clarification on Employer Criteria:
    • Employers giving out job offers should not be businesses. This is to ensure genuine job offers for individual care providers.
  3. Introduction of OROWP:
    • The concept of Occupation-Restricted Open Work Permits (OROWP) has been clarified. These work permits will be issued for the Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker classes specifically.
  4. Faster Processing in Gaining Experience Category (Category A):
    • Individuals who meet the work experience requirement before the issuance of an OROWP will no longer need to fulfill the offer of employment and its associated requirements.
  5. Broadening Work Experience Criteria:
    • Work authorized under the Immigration and Refugees Protection Regulations and/or public policy can now be considered valid work experience.
  6. Time-Bound Finalization for Abandoned Applications:
    • If an application under Category A has been abandoned for 36 months or more, proof of work needs to be provided within 36 months of the notice of the initial eligibility assessment. This is crucial if an OROWP was not issued within the given timeframe.

Further Insights from the Recent Updates:

  • The online application category is determined by the choices made in the PR Portal’s drop-down list. If there are contradictory forms or documents, a specific procedure will be in place to resolve the discrepancy.
  • Wording adjustments confirm the availability of both online and alternate format applications.
  • It has been emphasized that any of the three networks could process applications, offering a broader scope for potential applicants.
  • Importantly, it’s noted that the Interim Pathway for Caregivers has stopped accepting new applications since October 2019.
  • Lastly, a section has been added about the temporary public policy for 2020 applicants. This is crucial as it outlines that these applicants will be processed in the same way as other HCCP or HSW applications.

These changes reflect the Ministry’s commitment to simplifying and streamlining the process for caregivers and support workers in Canada. They also underscore the importance of these roles in the Canadian community. Whether you are a potential applicant or an employer, understanding these updates is crucial to navigate the application process efficiently and effectively.

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