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Canada opens new application processing centre in Manila, Philippines

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processing centre in Manila, Philippines

In order to support Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy and increase its global immigration processing capacity, the Canadian government has announced the opening of a new application processing center in Manila, Philippines. The center will be responsible for processing immigration applications for candidates from the Philippines and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

The new center will be staffed by local employees who will receive training on Canadian immigration policies and procedures. The new centre is located within Canada’s Embassy in Manila and will be supported by 37 new employees.  The center will process a range of immigration applications, including those for permanent residence, temporary residence, and citizenship.

By opening a new application processing center in Manila, Canada aims to increase its capacity to process immigration applications from the Asia-Pacific region. The move is part of Canada’s broader Indo-Pacific Strategy, which aims to increase economic, security, and diplomatic ties with countries in the region.

“Canada is set to welcome a record number of newcomers in the years ahead to fuel our economic growth. This will give us an advantage in the global race for talent, and support key sectors and industries. Today’s announcement to open a new centre supported by 37 new employees in the Philippines is another example of Canada’s work to boost immigration processing, as we continue to promote greater diversity among those looking to visit, study, work and live in Canada.”

– The Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship

In addition to supporting Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy, the new processing center is also expected to provide economic benefits to the Philippines. The center will create job opportunities for local residents and is expected to boost trade and investment between Canada and the Philippines.

Overall, the opening of the new application processing center in Manila is a significant step towards increasing Canada’s global immigration processing capacity and supporting its Indo-Pacific Strategy. The center is expected to provide economic benefits to both Canada and the Philippines, and to facilitate the immigration of skilled workers and their families to Canada.

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