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Newcomers Flocking to Thunder Bay, Canada

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Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay is an urban area with many indulgences found in a large city, it has much lower housing costs than large cities such as Toronto or Vancouver. RE/MAX ranking pinpoints Thunder Bay as one of the most inexpensive markets in Canada for property. Thunder Bay offers a great headstart for newcomers with welcoming job opportunities mentioned below.

Located at the gateway to the Northwest, Thunder Bay offers city life and small-town charm. Diversity is celebrated and individuals from diverse backgrounds are welcomed. Thunder Bay offers a relaxed community-style lifestyle that places an emphasis on family. Sail, ski, hike, and be outdoors in the great outdoors are some of the great things to do in the region. It is not just big cities that are offering exciting employment opportunities. Thunder Bay offers rewarding professional careers, skilled trade jobs, superior nature and lower property prices have attracted many people.

Thunder Bay provides low land, construction and development costs, making it an ideal location for expansion and new construction. The city has an extensive area zoned for commercial, industrial, and aviation space development, and occupancy taxes are zero. Additionally, Thunder Bay markets development sites to small and medium developers in our downtown urban cores for both business start-ups and expansions. Along with affordable housing and job opportunities, Thunder Bay has many well-known and profitable businesses up for sale from retired owners who look for their next successor. In contrast to starting a business from scratch, buying an existing business offers a number of advantages, including an existing client base, steady cash flow, a proven track record, senior management, existing processes, as well as a record of past profitability.

It is easy to acquire a Permanent Resident permit by owning or investing in a business in Canada. There are no development costs in Thunder Bay. Thunder Bay’s prime real estate is available for development at an affordable price as there are now development charges.

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