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Ontario Launches “One Fare” Program to Save Transit Riders $1,600 Annually

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Ontario Launching One Fare

TORONTO, February 5, 2024 – In a major move to make public transit more affordable, the Ontario government announced the launch of the “One Fare” program, set to significantly reduce the cost of commuting for Ontarians. Starting February 26, 2024, transit riders transferring between the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and various other transit agencies in the Greater Toronto Area, including GO Transit, will be charged a single fare, potentially saving individuals an average of $1,600 each year.

Premier Doug Ford emphasized the initiative’s goal to alleviate financial pressures on residents, stating, “One Fare will eliminate double fares and put $1,600 back into the pockets of transit riders.” This initiative aligns with the government’s broader efforts to lower living costs, including reductions in gas taxes, scrapping road tolls, and eliminating the license plate sticker fee.

Funded entirely by the Ontario government, the One Fare program is expected to generate over eight million new rides annually. It aims to make cross-boundary travel more affordable and convenient for a wide range of commuters, including students, seniors, and daily workers, by facilitating seamless transfers among GO Transit, TTC, Brampton Transit, Durham Region Transit, MiWay, and York Region Transit.

Vijay Thanigasalam, Associate Minister of Transportation, highlighted the government’s commitment to enhancing public transit accessibility and affordability. The program builds on previous efforts to harmonize fares and improve the transit experience across the Greater Golden Horseshoe area.

Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow praised the initiative for its potential to make public transit a more attractive option for city residents, underscoring the benefits of continued collaboration between different levels of government to invest in essential services.

The One Fare program is part of Ontario’s ambitious $70.5 billion investment in public transit over the next decade. This investment includes significant projects such as the Ontario Line, the Scarborough Subway Extension, the Eglinton Crosstown West Extension, and the Yonge North Subway Extension, aiming to enhance connectivity and accessibility across the province.

Quick Facts:

  • Since 2023, transit riders have been able to use debit or credit cards for contactless payment on all PRESTO-equipped transit services, with over 29 million PRESTO contactless boardings recorded to date.
  • The One Fare Program complements over 100 actions outlined in the Greater Golden Horseshoe Transportation Plan, focusing on fare and service integration to streamline public transit use across the region.

This innovative program represents a significant step forward in making public transit more accessible and affordable for Ontarians, marking a pivotal moment in the province’s journey towards creating a more integrated and efficient transportation network.

For more information on the “One Fare” program and other transportation initiatives, visit the Ontario government’s official website.

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