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Canada is one of the most welcoming nations for refugees all over the world. The government of Canada offers various programs for seamless and fast integration of refugees into the Canadian system. The government also provides Resettlement Assistance Program for government assistance refugees to cater to their immediate and essential basic needs. These include temporary housing, support for finding permanent housing, help in personal financing and jobs opportunities.

Regugee immigration

Application for refugees and asylum-seekers can be complicated if a candidate is not aware of the processes. The can help refugees and asylum-seekers in and out of Canada looking to make Canada as a permanent home. There are several programs initiated by mediation Department of Canada to assist refugees to come and settle in Canada. Because refugee is different from an immigrant, the immigration system is quite different. If you want to come to Canada as a refugee for the conditions in your country are not suitable, please contact us with all your details and we would be happy to process your case and get you permanent immigration in the beautiful country of Canada. Our services include

  • immigration application process for refugees
  • application for asylum-seekers
  • refugee sponsorship
  • Bhutanese refugees application
  • Syrian refugee sponsorship
  • refugee appeals
  • Application for refugees outside Canada

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