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We are a leading immigration consulting firm for professionals including IT professionals and Engineers looking to migrate to Canada.

Canada is undergoing an IT revolution and is currently the hub of new startups and artificial intelligence applications. There is a huge demand for IT professionals in Canada and the government is actively pursuing a number of attractive programs to attract IT professionals from all over the world to Canada. If you are an IT professional and looking to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident or a temporary worker, our experienced team of IT immigration consultants can help you qualify and immigrate to Canada. Canada attracts thousands of IT professionals on different immigration programs such as work permit, under foreign worker program, under Atlantic immigration pilot program and more. We have access to a number of IT consulting firms who are actively looking to hire highly skilled IT professionals. So if you’re a software developer or an open-source programmer, let us access your portfolio and we can help you to settle in Canada on a permanent basis.


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