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Ontario Boosts Minimum Wage to $17.20 to Aid Workers and Families

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Ontario Boosts Minimum Wage to $17.20

In a significant move to enhance the economic well-being of its workforce, the Ontario government has announced an increase in the minimum wage to $17.20 per hour, effective from October 1, 2024. This change, a 3.9% rise aligned with the Ontario Consumer Price Index, positions Ontario’s minimum wage as the second highest in Canada.

Key Points:

  • Effective Date: The new wage rate starts on October 1, 2024.
  • Annual Increase: This adjustment reflects a 3.9% increase based on the Ontario Consumer Price Index.
  • Impact on Workers: Nearly one million Ontario workers will benefit from this wage hike.
  • Annual Earnings Boost: Full-time workers on minimum wage can expect up to $1,355 more annually.
  • Sector Insights: Significant portions of workers benefiting are in the retail and accommodation/food services sectors.
  • Legislative Background: This increase is part of the government’s proactive measures under the Working for Workers Four Act, 2024, which also includes protections like banning wage deductions for dine-and-dashes and removing Canadian work experience requirements in job postings.

This wage increase is part of Ontario’s broader initiative to support workers and families, providing a more predictable financial environment for businesses and aiding individuals in coping with the cost of living, thereby reinforcing Ontario’s commitment to being a leading region for work and family life in Canada.

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