Super Visa 2022

Immigration Canada has made some major changes to Super Visa program which surely will bring a smile to all those who are looking to bring their parents or Grandparents to Canada for long-term stay. These enhancements will make it easier for Canadians to reunite with their parents and grandparents in Canada and will allow super visa holders to stay for a longer period of time. These changes, which come into force on July 4, 2022.

  1. Changes effective from July 4, 2022.
  2. These changes will increase the length of stay for super visa holders to 5 years per entry into Canada.
  3. People who have a super visa also have the option to request to extend their stay by up to 2 years at a time while in Canada.
  4. These changes will allow international medical insurance companies to provide coverage to super visa applicants in the future in addition to the Canadian companies.
  5. Currently, only Canadian insurance providers can provide the necessary medical coverage that super visa applicants are required to have.

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