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Essential Guide to Processing In-Canada and Port of Entry Refugee Claims

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Understanding the general requirements and administration for in-Canada and port of entry refugee claims can be complex. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the key points you need to know, covering medical requirements, permits, and document management:

Medical and Related Documentation

  • Mandatory Medical Examination: All refugee claimants in Canada must undergo a medical examination within 30 days of their claim being received. This exam must be conducted by a panel physician approved by the government.
  • Cost Coverage: The Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) covers the cost of these medical examinations.
  • No Repeat Medical Needed: If a claimant has a valid immigration medical exam result (noted as M1, M2, or M3, and not marked “only acceptable as visitor”), they do not need to undergo another medical for their refugee claim.

Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) Eligibility

  • Coverage Initiation: Once a person is deemed eligible to make a refugee claim, their eligibility for IFHP coverage is assessed.
  • Exclusions: Dependents in Canada who are not included in the principal applicant’s refugee claim and who have not made their own claim are not eligible for IFHP benefits.
  • Documentation: Eligible claimants will have their refugee protection claimant document (RPCD) annotated to indicate IFHP coverage.

Permits and Documents

  • Study Permits:
    • Refugee claimants and their accompanying family members may apply for a study permit after entering Canada if they are under an unenforceable removal order.
    • Applications for study permits must be submitted online separately from the refugee claim and require a letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution.
    • Minor children attending kindergarten, elementary, or secondary school do not need a study permit.
  • Work Permits:
    • For details on issuing work permits to refugee claimants, refer to the specific guidelines for applicants who have no other means of support.

Management of Refugee Protection Claimant Documents (RPCDs)

  • Replacement and Renewal: IRCC has resumed services for replacing expired, lost, stolen, or damaged RPCDs. Claimants can request these services through the IRCC web form.

This overview provides the necessary steps and requirements for processing refugee claims in Canada, ensuring claimants understand their rights and obligations under current immigration policies. For more detailed information and updates, keep an eye on official immigration resources.

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