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Canada on path to welcoming more refugees in 2021

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Refugees and asylum

Canada is one of the most welcoming countries when it comes to Reguees. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) recently called Canada “a bright light in a horrible year for refugee resettlement.” As per the stats by Canada Govt, Canada welcomed nearly half of all refugees resettled around the world in 2020. The Government had launced Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot project. that recognizes the talents and skills of refugees by welcoming them through economic immigration streams.

Hightlights of Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot

Canada will welcome 23,500 to 45,000 refugess in 2021.

The Govt will expediate the processing of applications, meaning that more protected persons can quickly become permanent residents and put down roots in their communities.

Currently, there are over 40,000 protected persons and their dependants residing in Canada with open permanent residence applications. In 2021, almost 17,900 protected persons became permanent residents.

The new measures will improve the EMPP process by

  • expediting the processing of permanent residence applications for EMPP applicants in several streams, so they can start working and contributing faster
  • making it easier for refugees under EMPP to get settlement funds
  • waiving fees for permanent residence applications
  • making the application process more flexible
  • providing pre-departure medical services to assist with immigration medical exams

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