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Canada Broadens Job Offers for Level 5 French Speakers, Excluding Agriculture

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Francophone Mobility Program

There is a new update from Immigration Canada. Canadian employers can now make a job offer to a candidate with a moderate level of French (equivalent to a level 5) for all National Occupation Classification, except jobs in primary agriculture. This expansion of the Francophone Mobility Program is a significant stride towards fostering more diverse workplaces across Canada. The National Occupation Classification (NOC) is a system used by the Canadian government to classify jobs (occupations). Jobs are grouped based on the type of job duties and work a person does. The NOC system is used to understand the nature of work performed by people across Canada in the labor market.

Under the previous rules of the Francophone Mobility Program, only highly skilled French-speaking foreign workers could be offered jobs by Canadian employers. However, with this expansion, the opportunity to work in Canada has been extended to a wider demographic of French speakers.

Now, a Canadian employer can make a job offer to any candidate who has a moderate command of the French language, equivalent to level 5, across all categories under the NOC. This means candidates from various backgrounds, not just highly specialized fields, could find job opportunities in Canada. The roles can range from management jobs to trades, transport and equipment operation, natural resources, agriculture, and related production occupations, among others.

The one exception is primary agriculture. This means that jobs directly related to the production of farm, ranch, or other agricultural commodities are exempt from these new rules.

The inclusion of a wider array of occupations under the Francophone Mobility Program implies an increase in the overall number of French-speaking immigrants coming to work in Canada. This move is anticipated to aid in preserving and enhancing the vibrancy of the French language within the country, particularly in regions outside of Quebec.

The expansion of this program not only offers an opportunity for French speakers worldwide to contribute to the Canadian labor market, but also aligns with the Canadian government’s broader goals of maintaining the vitality of Francophone minority communities, addressing labor shortages in various sectors, and bolstering economic growth and prosperity.

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